June 1, 2016

• What exactly is Prikit?

Prikit is a small, green device that can be placed on top of a can or the (crown) cap of a bottle. By pressing the upper side of Prikit, a metal pin is released that will make a hole into the crown cap or the can of soda. The hole exactly matches a standard straw so that the hole is closed. As a result, nothing can go in or get out of the can or bottle so that wasps and other insects cannot fly into your drink and no liquid is spilled anymore when it tips over, not even across the hollow straw. Prikit also ensures that beverages with carbon dioxide remain fresh longer. By pressing the straw down to the bottom, you can easily keep your thirst-quencher in the fridge, thus preventing waste.

The multifunctional Prikit is suited for various applications. You can use Prikit for instance for creating a hole into a jar of apple sauce, a jam jar or any other jar that is hard to open. Through the hole, air gets in and below the lid so that opening the jar will now be a piece of cake. Prikit has been designed such that only little force is needed to make a hole, which makes Prikit suitable for people with little power in their arms.
The many applications of Prikit show that it is much more than a gadget.