June 1, 2016

• For whom is Prikit?

Considering its many applications Prikit is useful for almost everyone. For children and their parents, Prikit is ideal as no drink is spilled when a bottle or can tips over. For people who are allergic to wasps, Prikit is a sheer necessity and it is recommended for everyone who would rather not get stung by a wasp or find insects in his drink. Those who want the last sip of a drink tasting the same as the first, would do well to use Prikit and people who have trouble opening jars can rely on it. Besides, Prikit is a nice present to give and to receive. As only little force is needed to make a hole and considering its many applications, Prikit should in fact be a standard kitchen tool. Also on camping sites or on a boat, Prikit is almost indispensable and it’s also a very practical tool in catering businesses. Wasps, one of the major irritations on terraces, are kept at a distance and customers no longer go home with sticky clothes because their drinks tipped over. Personnel on the other spends less time in cleaning up spilled drinks. In professional kitchens, Prikit comes in handy for opening jars. In places where drinks are sold and which are frequently visited by children, Prikit is a welcome tool. Think of canteens of sports clubs, camping sites and playground terraces. By using Prikit, catering businesses provide an extra service to their customers.

Prikit is available both in individual packages and in bulk packaging. Given the broad target group, Prikit is a popular product both in (online) shops and wholesale businesses.