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No wasps

Every year, lots of children and adults get stung by a wasp while consuming their favourite soft drink. A wasp’s sting in one’s mouth or throat can have serious consequences. With Prikit, you can easily prevent wasps and other insects from hiding into your drink unnoticed waiting for a chance to strike.

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No more spilling

With Prikit, wet tablecloths, a backseat full of stains and sticky clothes all belong to the past. Prick a hole into a can or the cap of a bottle without exercising much power and insert a straw. Because hole and straw are a perfect fit, no liquid is spilled if can or bottle tip over.

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Open jars with no effort

Do you also have trouble opening a jar of apple sauce, vegetables or jam? Thanks to Prikit you no longer have to. Simply prick a hole into the lid of the jar using Prikit. Because air can get into the jar, the lid can be opened with no effort at all.

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Sparkling fresh

By using Prikit, your drink will remain fresh much longer once it has been opened. No more thirst? That is not a problem either. Put your soft drink with a straw into the fridge and the carbon dioxide will retain longer. Your drink is no longer wasted and you can enjoy it longer.


More than a gadget

More than a gadget, that’s the best way to describe Prikit. By pricking a hole into the upper side of a can of soda or the cap of a bottle, you create an opening that is a perfect fit for a straw. The rest of your drink remains closed, so there will be no spilling when your bottle or can tips over. Wasps are kept at a distance and carbon dioxide is retained longer. Also jars, for instance jam jars and jars of vegetables, are easy to open using Prikit. Pricking a hole is quite simple: place Prikit onto a bottle, can or jar, press it without exercising much power and the hole is made. This way, every jar can be opened immediately, you only need to put a straw into the can or bottle to prevent spilling, wasps keep away from your drink and your drink remains fresh for much longer.

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